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We are launching a new edition, the fifth, of our canine obedience group courses, both for adult dogs (from 1 year old) and for puppies (dogs between 2.5 months and 1 year old). All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, dewormed and socialized.

We will start the group courses from September 23, 2024 onwards, and classes will be held one day a week at a specific time, to be defined depending on the availability of those interested in joining the course and the number of groups. Classes will last 1 hour per week at our center Social Dogs Mallorca in Calvià, at Camí de la Canera, 12, in front of the municipal dog pound.

To set up a group, a minimum of 5 dogs must have registered. There will be a total of 1 educator for every 5 dogs and a maximum of 10 dogs per group.

For puppies, the duration of the course is 15 sessions and for adult dogs it is 10 sessions.

As for the rates, for the puppy course it will consist of 15 sessions of 1 hour per week; If up to 5 dogs register, the price is €370 and from 6 to 10 dogs, €330. For adult dogs, the course is 10 classes of 1 hour per week; Up to 5 dogs the price is €270 and from 6 to 10 dogs €240.

To book your place, we recommend that you pay €100 in advance and the rest of the full amount will be paid on the first day of class. Partial or full refunds will not be made unless there is a serious reason (such as a serious illness or death of the handler or dog) and a certificate must be presented to prove this. If students skip a class, they will not have the option to make up that class on their own. But we always offer at least 1 additional group class at the end of the course free of charge for everyone enrolled. In case of rain, class will be postponed to the following week, since we do not yet have a covered indoor place to train.

The cues that we will learn during the course are: sit, down, stay, walking by our side, not pulling on the leash, the recall, the eye contact and impulse control or the commonly "don't eat" or "leave it" (anything that is given to our dog or it is on the ground or any other place and is not permitted). All these signals will be progressively trained until an accurate obedience is achieved both at home and on the street with and without a leash. It is advisable for all people who live with the dog to practice in order to have excellent results. So we recommend that you sign up with your family, including 10 years old kids and older.

We recommend that you contact us if you need additional information and if you are interested in reserving your place. You will find our contacts in this section.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon!

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